Application Controller enables the use of two different products, iSteer™ and iGrade™. This single controller reduces the number of controllers on a tractor and allows customers to benefit from active implement guidance and automated land leveling.

The Application Controller must have an activation associated with it, either an iGrade activation or an iSteer activation – or both.

AutoTrac SF1

GreenStar™ AutoTrac SF1 is an assisted steering system that automatically steers the vehicle through the field. AutoTrac requires either an integrated steering kit or the AutoTrac Universal steering kit on the vehicle, a GreenStar 2 display, and StarFire receiver to operate.

AutoTrac SF1 offers many benefits to operators:

  • Optimized machine efficiency
  • Reduced operator fatigue
  • Ability to work at faster speeds

AutoTrac is the premier assisted steering system in the guidance industry.

AutoTrac SF2

AutoTrac SF2 is an assisted steering system that automatically steers the vehicle through the field. AutoTrac requires either an integrated steering kit or the AutoTrac Universal steering kit on the vehicle, any GreenStar™ 2 display, and a StarFire™ receiver to operate.

AutoTrac SF2 offers many benefits to operators, including optimized machine efficiency, reduced operator fatigue, and the ability to work at faster speeds. AutoTrac is the premier assisted steering system in the guidance industry.

Swath Control

Swath Control Pro automatically turns implement sections on or off to reduce overlap and skips for improving input management.

Swath Control Pro can be utilized on planters, sprayers, nutrient applicators, seeders, and liquid fertilizer.


iSteer Activation is an active implement guidance system that automatically steers the implement onto the desired guidance line. iSteer utilizes the Application Controller, a GreenStar™ premium display and integrated AutoTrac™ components with RTK or SF2 signal accuracy. These components team up with an implement steering mechanism to provide increased implement precision.

With the iSteer system, both the tractor and the implement follow the same guidance line in straight, circle, and curve track applications. Growers who are planting bedded crops, planting row crops, or strip-tilling as well as those operating in stand row-crop application can capitalize on the value of iSteer.

Customers will experience many benefits with iSteer:

  • The ability to maintain high crop quality with multiple passes through the field
  • Precise input placement, reducing operator fatigue
  • Industry-exclusive implement control at the operator's fingertips


iGuide is a passive implement guidance system that automatically guides the implement onto the guidance path. iGuide requires an integrated steering kit on the tractor along with GreenStar™ 2 2600, StarFire™ receivers, RTK signal level, and the appropriate implement hardware to operate. This type of system is ideal for seeding, planting, pre-emergence tillage, broad acre spraying, or even strip-till applications.

iGuide offers many benefits to an operation including, increased accuracy of input placement, more consistent guess rows, and reduced operator fatigue.

iGrade is an activation that enables and automates new water management applications as well as John Deere's existing water management tool, Surface Water Pro™ Plus. iGrade offers the ability to generate a basic plane and grade, and perform distance-based tasks – all while automatically controlling the height of the scraper blade.

iGrade provides four applications to complete different tasks:

  • Surface Water Pro™ Plus automation
  • Grade control
  • Distance trip
  • Plane control

Surface Water Pro

Surface Water Pro software for the GreenStar™ 2 (GS2) 2600 Display help growers in levee and ditching operations.

Until now, lasers were used in these operations. There are many inherent limitations with laser systems and Surface Water Pro eliminates those issues by using state-of-the-art global positioning system (GPS) technology.

Surface Water Pro Plus

Surface Water Pro Plus has all of the features of Surface Water Pro with the additional benefit of advanced ditching. Surface Water Pro Plus is compatible with any vehicle that is GreenStar™ Ready with an ISO connector or field-installed GreenStar™ ready harness with an ISO connector. It is compatible with iGrade™, AutoTrac™ Universal, as well as Integrated AutoTrac.

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